Crackdown on Thai pharmacies continues.
On Thursday evening, police conducted a sting operation to buy sexual enhanced tablets for male at Pro Pharmacy, Pattaya Tai after being tipped off about illegally purchasing these aphrodisiac drugs.

The police sent a foreign spy to buy two packs of tablet-Kamagra worth 1,000 baht in the drugstore whose owner was named Mr. Warun Tanawitittawanit, 39. The police showed up and arrested Warun before searching for other illegal and fake drugs.

They found 8 packs of tablet-Kamagra, 59 packs of gel-Kamagra, 5,180 strong sleeping pills, and 24 tablets of fake Kamagra imported from India, all valued 300,000 baht.

When questioned, Warun confessed that he sold those drugs but strenuously denied they were fake and medically registered, but he had no proof therefore the police arrested and charged him for selling fake Viagra, selling medical products without permission”. All evidence was confiscated and Warn was held for further questioning.

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