Australian who bit parking attendants admits steroid use.

A Sydney court has heard a man who attacked two parking rangers in six months has a history of steriod use and major depression. Nektarias Houllis has been sentenced to a minimum of 18 months in jail.

He pleaded guilty to recklessly causing grevious bodily harm to Mahmud Swalah McDahrou last November. Downing Centre District Court heard Houllis left the parking ranger with a bite to the face, a broken wrist and a knee injury.

In a victim impact statement Mr McDahrou said he has ongoing medical problems and cannot work. Houllis told the court he regrets what happened and has sent a letter of apology to Mr McDahrou.

Houllis admitted taking steroids at the time and agreed with the Crown he has an anger management problem but was not aware of it when he assaulted another parking ranger six months earlier. In sentencing Houllis, the judge described his behaviour as being of the worst kind and totally unacceptable.

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