Scottish prison guard suspended for steroid smuggling.

A prison guard has been suspended after smuggling illegal steroids into jail for body-building cons. Vito Alongi was caught trying to sneak the pills into private Addiewell nick, West Lothian.

But the 51-year-old, from Edinburgh, claims he was forced into taking the drugs in by menacing gangsters. Part-time kitchen worker Alongi, who claims he is now under police protection, said: “It’s dangerous. I’ve had threats.”

The pills, many thought to be taken in by crooked staff, are rife in Scots jails. Some guards say they fear the “Hulk Hogan” lags. One warder said: “Most of the prisoners are working out all the time. “Combined with the steroids, that’s making them a force to be reckoned with. It’s intimidating.” An insider at the Scottish Prison Service admitted the Class C pills were “present” in most jails.

A spokesperson for Addiewell operator Kalyx said they “have managed to prevent many drugs including steroids from getting in”. Alongi was suspended on full pay eight days ago.

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