Dirty counterfeiting operation ( of Desma Winstrol Depot ) and UGL ( Sun Labs + one other ) found in Canadian bodybuilder’s house after burglary.

Laval police advise anyone who bought steroids on the black market recently to consult a doctor after investigators uncovered a clandestine lab in which several products were made in filthy conditions.

Patrol officers made the discovery in a home on Leandre Descotes St. after receiving a call about a break-in early Wednesday.

“What they found on the main floor were large bags of powders and jugs of liquids. Some were labelled, others weren’t,” Laval police Constable Nathalie Lorrain said.

After obtaining a search warrant, investigators found 200 vials ready for sale containing a liquid labelled as an anabolic steroid. A small vial of growth hormone was also seized, along with pills, more than 9,000 empty vials, a machine used to seal them and a machine to make pills. Labels from what is believed to be a fictitious pharmaceutical company were also found.

“The worst thing was that the liquid we found, which could be injected, was made in very dirty conditions. All the pots and bottles we found were very dirty,” Lorrain said.

“Also, there were so many powders and chemicals that we can’t identify them. We have to wait for Health Canada to analyze them. We think there could be a lot of chemicals that are bad for your health.

“We want to warn the public that if anyone bought, either in a gym or on the street, a product identified with the label Sun labs (believed to be the name of a fictitious steroid manufacturer), they should consult a doctor or a health professional. We really don’t know what is in there. And if you have the products, please dispose of them quickly.”

When the patrol officers went inside the home, the robber, or robbers, who had broken in were gone. So, Lorrain said, it is possible more of the black market steroids were stolen with the intent to sell them.

Neighbours told investigators that the owners of the home are out of the country. Lorrain said investigators hope to interview them when they return.

According to land registry records, a competitive bodybuilder is part-owner of the house that was searched.

Police in Laval are warning the public after officers responding to a reported break-in discovered a clandestine laboratory used to make steroids in the Chomedey district.

Investigators obtained a search warrant after the discovery was made Wednesday and found what they believe are the precursor elements to fabricating steroids, the Laval police said in a statement.

They also found packaging they believe was used to make the steroids appear to have come from a professional pharmaceutical company. It is not known whether the people who made the steroids used the proper methods to fabricate them. The condition of the lab and the equipment used is also a concern and the Laval police are concerned the products pose a serious health risk.

One product believed to have been fabricated was Winstrol, an anabolic steroid. The Laval police have issued a photo of the other labels involved , Sun Labs.

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