Small steroids bust in Alicante, Spain.

Three people have been arrested in connection with the sale of “bodybuilding” stimulants at a local gym. National Police Agents arrested the three Spanish defendants, aged 24, 29 and 39 years, at a gym in Elche, after it was reported that they were selling anabolic steroids, which had been purchased via the internet, to fellow members.

During a raid on the establishment concerned, Police confiscated 24 boxes and 39 packets of the illegal drugs in a sports holdall, belonging to one of the accused, who was arrested immediately.

The arrest led to the detention of his two accomplices later that day, one of which was his brother and the other a member of the gym who had been responsible for purchasing the drugs.

A further raid on the culprits properties led to the recovery of 815 pills and 74 packets of steroids, alongside of 1.171 euros, tools used to manipulate the substances and the names and telephone numbers of supposed “regular” customers.

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