Two Bangkok pharmacies and their warehouses raided.

( no specific mention of steroids but there appears to be a huge pile of Danabol DS at the back right of the pic )

A joint task force of police and health officials searched four drug stockrooms, two of which operated as pharmacies under the Thanyaporn name, in Din Daeng district on Tuesday following a tip-off that they were distribution points for fake, unauthorised and restricted drugs.

They found more than 200 varieties of fake pharmaceuticals, unauthorised generic drugs and illegally imported products.

Seized items included products for HIV/Aids, cancer, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and birth control, plus antidepressants, antibiotics and cough medicines.

Pol Maj Gen Jaturong Phummarin, head of the Consumer Protection Division, said police would expand the investigation to cover the network supplied by the raided stores.

The stores were in business for more than 10 years and were believed to supply medicinal products to other stores in Bangkok and in the provinces, he said.

Pol Maj Gen Jaturong said police were looking into whether the owners of the drugstores were pharmacists. If so, their licences would be revoked.

The owners of the warehouses face charges of smuggling and distributing restricted drugs and selling counterfeit and unregistered drugs. No one has so far been arrested.

Food and Drug Administration secretary-general Pipat Yingseri called on consumers yesterday not to buy restricted drugs without a doctor’s prescription.

He said fake drugs could be lethal while the quality of illegally imported genuine drugs might be substandard.

The quality of medicines depended on where and how they had been kept, Dr Pipat said.

Public Health Minister Jurin Laksanavisit said the latest haul of fake medicines was part of the ministry’s campaign to keep substandard drugs away from consumers.

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