Please help out one of the good guys in our industry by making a donation.

“Access” the popular and well respected Admin from and a friend of mine is battling cancer and needs help with his medical bills. Those of you who have Paypal can donate via this email addy “”. I’m sure all donations no matter how small will be much appreciated.

Here’s more info taken from a post made by the co-Admins of

For those who don’t know, Access is battling a very aggressive form of cancer. Doctors have done much of what they can do and any remaining forms of treatment are extremely expensive and not readily covered by some health insurance agencies. So, if we are to make a difference…even to possibly make his quality of life better and/or extend his life considerably then, we need to do something.

Let this be a true test of the brotherhood of the online AAS community. Lets launch the largest donation campaign ever seen….tear down boundaries and barriers, share the common thread we all hold dear and what drives us to chase one of the most difficult lifestyles there is.

Lets do this. Please pass this info onto every forum and/or website you frequent. We would all want the same done for us.

One response to “Please help out one of the good guys in our industry by making a donation.

  1. SauerJitsu2005

    He was a great man. A lot of donations were made that are still helping his family. Thanks for helping spread the word, SBC.

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