Doctor’s assistant pleads not guilty to faking testosterone prescriptions.

A former doctor’s office employee has pleaded not guilty to felony charges of calling in fraudulent prescriptions for steroids.

Paulette Iliff, 45, entered the plea Tuesday during her arraignment in District Court. She faces three charges of procuring the administration of a controlled substance by forgery or fraud.

Iliff used to work for Dr. Donald Parker, a Gillette OB-GYN. Prosecutors say Iliff authorized steroid prescriptions for David Pearson, the husband of one of Parker’s patients.

Pearson told investigators that Iliff provided him with testosterone in exchange for methamphetamine. He also said Iliff provided him with prescriptions for painkillers and antibiotics, according to court documents.

Investigators found three prescriptions that were called in from Dr. Parker’s office for Pearson in 2008 and 2009. Each appears to have been authorized by Iliff.

When investigators asked for Pearson’s medical records, they received a letter from Parker saying, “Mr. Pearson was not our patient and was not seen in our office. We have no office record of him,” according to court documents. Iliff told investigators that Pearson’s wife called Parker’s office and said her husband wanted some steroids for a urology problem. Iliff said she called in two prescriptions for testosterone and possibly a prescription for antibiotics.

She claimed all the prescriptions were approved by Parker before she called them in, according to court documents.

After Tuesday’s arraignment, Iliff’s attorney, Christina Williams, said “there’s absolutely zero evidence” that her client ever received methamphetamine from Pearson. Williams also pointed out that Pearson is serving time for a federal drug conviction.

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