LE claim to have found Biogen steroids during search of Oregon homes.

Taken from a Coos County Seizure Inventory Form, the following is a list of what drugs were seized:

Five syringes and four vials of Sustanon, testosterone, Dianabol, Mandrolane, an unlabeled vial and a syringe in a kitchen cabinet.

Four empty vials labeled testosterone in a kitchen drawer.

Eight vials labeled testosterone in a master bathroom vanity drawer.

One large vial of a suspected steroid in a file cabinet in bedroom 1.

Oakely glasses case with vial of red substance in a gym bag inside the home’s entryway.

Four bottles Biogen testosterone, four bottles of Biogen 3 nandrolone, two bottles of Equipoise, four bottles Biogen Scoperson 100, one bottle testosterone cypinate, and two bottles of testosterone in a downstairs bathroom.

Two unlabeled bottles, a box of cloprosdenol sodium vials, a pill bottle with unknown pills, and two empty bottles of boldenone in a bathroom drawer.

One empty bottle of testosterone in a bathroom cabinet.

Model car box containing two vials of testosterone enanthate, eight vials of boldenone and $725 in cash in a kitchen cabinet.

Two loaded vials in a kitchen freezer.

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