Ed Hardy bag full of steroids found during juice driving bust in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cambridge Police arrested a Saugus man and recovered a stash of steroids in a drug bust Tuesday.

Stephen Rauseo, 47, of Saugus was arrested Tuesday on Mooney Street after a search of his vehicle revealed 23 different drugs in various quantities, as a result of a three-month joint investigation between the Special Investigations Unit and the U.S. Postal Services Office of the Inspector General.

The drugs were a variety of controlled substances consisting of eight bottles of liquid steroids, nearly 600 pills, and various bottles of other controlled substances. Cambridge detectives also seized $1,093 in cash, various packaging materials and five hypodermic needles.

Rauseo was charged with six counts of possession to distribute a Class B drug, four counts of possession of a Class B drug and 13 counts of possession of a Class E drug.

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