Weightlifter from Iran gets lifetime ban for doping.

An Iranian weightlifter was banned from his sport for life Monday after failing a second doping test.

Saeid Ali-Hosseini was disciplined by the International Weightlifting Federation. Iranian media reported that the 22-year-old heavyweight accused his country’s weightlifting federation of fabricating the case against him.

“This was a plot and I wish the traitors pay for it,” Ali-Hosseini told the Shargh newspaper.

Ali-Hosseini tested positive for steroids on Oct. 24, 2009. He also failed a test in September 2006 that resulted in a two-year ban, IWF legal counsel Monika Ungar said. The penalty for a second doping offense is a life ban.

Ungar said the ban was not announced until now because the IWF needed time to complete the process. He said the IWF increased the ban for a first positive doping test to four years from two years in March 2008, but cases have piled up.

The IWF lists 24 athletes who have been banned so far in 2010, including one lifetime ban. Ali-Hosseini’s ban is listed under 2009 cases, along with 43 others.

Ali-Hosseini still holds three junior men’s world records in the over-105 kilogram category, set at the Asian Weightlifting Championship in South Korea in 2008.

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