No extra jail time for pharmacist convicted in Mobile steroids case.

A federal judge here last week sentenced a pharmacist to six months in prison for identity theft in a health care fraud case but agreed to let him serve it at the same time he serves a 6½-year sentence on a steroids conspiracy charge.

U.S. District Judge Ginny Granade already had sentenced Jodi Carl Silvio to 6½ years in prison for the steroids conviction and for health care fraud in the other case.

Silvio pleaded guilty to the health care fraud charge but was prepared to go to trial on a charge of aggravated identity theft, which would have triggered a mandatory, consecutive two-year sentence if he was convicted.

After Granade handed down the 6½-year sentence on the steroids charge, though, prosecutors agreed to let the defendant plead guilty to unlawful use of identification, which does not carry a mandatory-minimum sentence.

“No real impact,” declared defense attorney Bradley Murray.

Silvio admitted that as owner of Medicap Pharmacy in Bay Minette, he transferred 34 brand-name prescriptions to his store from CVS and Winn-Dixie, using his ex-wife’s name and insurance information.

Silvio was one of the owners of Applied Pharmacy Services, which was at the center of a Mobile-based steroids conspiracy. Silvio also served as chief pharmacist at one time for the compounding pharmacy.

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