Botswanan athlete stabs girlfriend in Australia blames steroids and gets just 200 hours community service ?

Roid rage was the trigger for a violent attack in which a University of Wollongong student repeatedly stabbed his fiancee with scissors, a court has heard.

Marshall Kuda Mahube used anabolic steroids heavily in the months leading up to the August 23 attack, despite knowing the potential risks involved, Wollongong Local Court heard yesterday.

Realising he was becoming “testy” and “excitable”, the 23-year-old had stopped using the drug in early August but was still suffering the effects some three weeks later when he lashed out at his fiancee after he had a bad day.

During the violent outburst, Mahube hit his fiancee in the face and then stabbed her multiple times with scissors in the back and legs while the pair argued at his Keiraville flat.

Tensions between the pair had boiled over after the girl phoned him several times at the University of Wollongong to check on him, as he had been unfaithful in the past.

During the unprovoked attack Mahube allegedly called the girl a “fat bitch”, then stabbed her twice in the back and four times in the legs with scissors, the court was told previously.

She grabbed a pillow to protect herself and escaped to a friend’s house before she was taken to Wollongong Hospital where she underwent surgery on her shoulder.

Yesterday the court heard the 23-year-old has always been a keen athlete, successfully representing his home country of Botswana in the African Games before travelling to Australia to study.

However, the student revealed to the court his passion for being fit and strong took on a new meaning after he arrived in Australia, and he is now paying the price, having lost his relationship and suffered problems with his reproductive organs as a result of his drug use.

In a letter tendered to court, Mahube, who no longer lives in the region, apologised for his behaviour and the damage it had caused to his victim. He was supported in court by his parents, who had travelled from Botswana for the court case.

Sentencing Mahube, Magistrate Chris McRobert acknowledged he had no history of violence and was otherwise well respected by his peers.

However, Mr McRobert said it was troubling Mahube took the drugs, knowing how potentially harmful they could be. He subsequently ordered the student to perform 200 hours community service for his crime.

Outraged at the finding, Mahube’s former fiancee screamed at him as she left the room. “I’ll be scarred for life because of what you’ve done … I hope you rot in hell,” she said.

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  1. I was at the swimming pool yesterday with my son.

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