British internet pharmacy owner gets nine months suspended sentence.

An East London man was today sentenced to a total of nine months imprisonment suspended for 12 months for conspiracy, money laundering and numerous medicines offences.

Aziz Bharmal of Tower Hamlets pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import prescription only medicines as well as unlicensed generic drugs. He also pleaded guilty to importing a controlled Class C drug, Diazepam.

Other charges to which he entered a guilty plea included possession with intent to supply prescription only medicines, controlled Class C drugs and the unlicensed erectile dysfunction drug, Kamagra.

There was also one count of money laundering to which he pleaded guilty having laundered approximately £76,000 through his own bank account between 2007 and 2008.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) were notified of a website AngloPharmacy which was offering for sale a variety of unlicensed pharmacy and prescription only medicines.

The MHRA visited Bharmal’s residential address and seized huge quantities of the generic unlicensed erectile dysfunction drug, Kamagra, as well as prescription only medicines (POMs) such as apomorphine, zolpidem and fluoxetine.

Investigators also seized 24,640 tablets of a Class C controlled drug Diazepam.

MHRA Head of Operations Danny Lee-Frost said, “Mr Bharmal is neither a doctor nor a pharmacist in the UK and he is therefore supplying these medicines in breach of the Medicines Act.

“He is a criminal out to make a profit at the expense of vulnerable and ill people.”

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