European arrests as part of the Axio / GenXXL bust ?

( We presume it’s the operators of Axio retailer )

French police have broken up a Marseille-based international doping ring thought to be the biggest in Europe, the government said on Saturday.

The group sold anabolic steroids over the Internet in Europe and the United States, counting nearly 10,000 customers in France alone, the French Sports Ministry said.

A judicial source said the group had nearly 200,000 clients in Europe for its steroids, which are used for developing muscle bulk.

Three people from the southern French city of Marseille have been put under judicial investigation for their part in the ring, which obtained the drugs from labs in Cyprus, China and Turkey, the source said.

Large sums of money were discovered at the homes of two of the men and investigators believe that the operation was making 1,000 euros (849 pounds) a day in Marseille alone.

An international police sweep was carried out against the ring on December 7 and investigators have also uncovered money laundering operations in Germany and the Netherlands.

Prosecutors say police have dismantled a French doping ring that illegally supplied anabolic steroids to bodybuilders and other clients throughout the country.

The Marseille prosecutor’s office said Saturday three people in the southern French port city have been handed preliminary charges for their suspected role in running the ring’s French operations. Officials say they are suspected of bringing in more than €1,000 ($1,300) a day.

The preliminary charges are for trafficking hazardous substances and doping products. Two of the three have been jailed.

The French operations are believed to be part of a larger international network. The French suspects are accused of selling steroids over the Internet in France, targeting bodybuilders.

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