Latest US research shows steroid use by teens is in decline.

Teenage use of anabolic steroids increased in the late 1990s, reaching peak levels in 2000 among 8th graders, 2002 among 10th graders, and 2004 among 12th graders. “The steroid problem among teens has diminished considerably over the past 10 years or so,” Johnston said. Since the recent peaks, annual prevalence of steroid use has declined by over two thirds among 8th graders, by more than half in 10th graders, and by four tenths among 12th graders.

There has been little change over the past two years, except for a statistically significant decline of just 0.2age points among 8th graders this year. In 2010, the proportions reporting any use of anabolic steroids in the past year were only 0.5 percent, 1.0 percent, and 1.5 percent in grades 8, 10, and 12, respectively. Among boys, who generally have had considerably higher use than girls, the rates in 2010 were 0.7 percent, 1.3 percent, and 2.5 percent.

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