British prison inmate’s girlfriend given suspended sentence for smuggling steroids into prison.

A woman was caught as she attempted to smuggle drugs into Lincoln Prison hidden inside her bra, a court was told.

Katarzyna Paszkiewicz was pressured by her then boyfriend to supply him with steroids while he was serving a sentence at the Greetwell Road jail.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, said Paszkiewicz attracted attention from a sniffer dog when she arrived at the prison to visit him.

Mr Howes said: “The CCTV cameras monitored her movements and showed her removing two items and putting them in a crisp packet. She took a crisp and ate it herself before passing the packet to the inmate.”

Two packages containing 50 tablets were found in the crisp packet and a further 50 tablets were found in her bra.

Mr Howes said the drugs had been sprayed with pepper in an attempt to put off the sniffer dogs.

Paszkiewicz, 25, of Henry Street, Lincoln, admitted possession of drugs with intent to supply on June 12. She was given a six-month jail sentence suspended for a year. Judge Sean Morris told her: “This was not heroin.

“They were steroid pills for your boyfriend and no-one else.

“You are a young mother of good character who happened upon the wrong man.”

Michael Cranmer- Brown, defending, said Paszkiewicz was in an abusive relationship and feared she would be subjected to violence if she did not comply with the request for drugs.

He said the man was due to be released five days later and she genuinely felt in fear of him.

After completing his sentence the man was later extradited to Poland to face a burglary charge.

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