Former Akron Police officer pleads guilty in steroids case.

A former Akron police sergeant pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of steroids possession.

Shawn M. Boal, 38, was placed on probation for 18 months and ordered to obtain drug treatment.

He pleaded guilty to felony possession of drugs and one misdemeanor count of possessing drug abuse instruments.

Summit County Common Pleas Judge Judy Hunter imposed the sentence.

Boal resigned from the department Monday.

Two other Akron police officers were placed on leave last year during an internal investigation into the use of anabolic steroids within the department.

Boal and street officers Anthony Sutton and Paul Achberger were arrested in June on steroids-related charges.

Sutton, 50, and Achberger, 40, pleaded guilty in November to misdemeanor charges in Akron Municipal Court. They are seeking treatment, and if successful, the charges would be dropped.

They have since returned to the department after being on unpaid leave for about six months.

Achberger, an 11-year veteran, and Sutton, a 15-year veteran, were charged with one count each of abusing anabolic steroids and of possessing hypodermic needles, both misdemeanors.

Both men remain with the force on light duty. They must undergo random drug testing for a year. They are expected to return to full duty in four to six weeks.

Akron police officers are not tested for steriods.

In the cases of Sutton and Achberger, the police union and city labor attorneys reached an agreement that limits steroids testing to those officers.

Fraternal Order of Police President Paul Hlynsky said steroid testing is problematic due to the fallibility of testing methods and the number of false positives.

“It would be a nightmare and extremely costly” he said.

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