>Extract from busted steroid clinics sales rep’s diary.

>After the center was raided in 2007, the clinic’s top two executives and a physician who worked there pleaded guilty to drug-related felonies. The Palm Beach Rejuvenation Center went out of business.

Among the records was a particularly detailed treatment diary for one patient – a 37 year-old paramedic from Arizona.

The diary, written by a clinic salesman and never before published, illustrates how the clinic pushed a customer to buy more banned drugs, and how it also got him to use other drugs to tamp down side effects.

The diary follows, edited to correct spelling errors and with explanatory information inserted in parenthesis. Years aren’t noted: It’s some time before the 2007 raid.

37 years old

address- (Pima County, Az.)
Sex drive is down, wants to bring it up.
Friend gave him a shot of (testosterone) cypionate (an injectable steroid popular with bodybuilders)
He was very happy with results.
Wants a three-month cycle of cypionate.
He has a hard time in gym, wants to improve in gym… He likes fishing & bow hunting and said he has friends that are coming aboard too (i.e., that are interested in steroids). Look for an order from him.

11/07. (He) got order (and) is four weeks into it. (He) has aeration around his nipples (an early sign of the steroid side effect gynecomastia, or protruding nipples) so we put him on Nolvadex (an anti-estrogen used in treating breast cancer).

12/06. Talked to his wife. She said he was bummed out because he got the flu & he could not work out but I just wished them a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

1/11. Will order HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone used to treat undescended testicles in young men; body builders think it prevents their testicles from atrophying) & DECA (Deca-durabolin, another body builder’s steroid.)

1/28. Order 2 deca & 3 Hcg $850.00

5/1. 1 Deca $250.00 & 1 Cyp 175.00 + shipping $25.00 = $450.00

5/24. His wife wants to do testosterone & he asked about Winnie (the steroid Winstrol).

He ordered testosterone pills for his wife $380.00

5/28. Called to see how he is doing. He just ordered one test(osterone) cyp(ionate), 1 clomid (a female fertility drug used to restart a man’s natural testosterone production after a cycle of steroids)

7/16. His wife didn’t like the sublingual pills. She is thinking about deca.

1/14. He did a 5 week cycle. He put on 5 pounds he said it was nothing great. He said he wants to wait for 4-6 months before he does anything.

2/17. …He just ordered 1 deca, 1 (testosterone) enathate (another injectable steroid).

1/19. Walked him through cycle. He is starting to see testosterone working.

3/21. He just order 1 enathate, 1 deca, 2 (testosterone propionate, an injectable steroid) 4/19.

5/11. He is doing ok. He sold his house he was a little sad about that. His girl friend is reading about hgh (human growth hormone) & is interested in it for weight loss & anti-aging.

6/7. He needs to order off cycle. He just order 1 hcg, 1 clomid.

6/20. Call to see how he is doing? He is doing good.

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