>Author of "The Black Book – Anabolic Steroids" helped run International Pharmaceuticals.

The smaller but the vast world of drug dealer is. It is well connected. Quickly and professionally. For a long time much faster than the police believed and allowed. But the forbidden fruit garnished with gangster paradise was shattered suddenly – as the Austria-German authorities marched shaft. On Tuesday, the success has been clarified in the Interior Ministry, where for the best. International Pharmaceuticals, the oldest and most important underground laboratory for doping substances in Europe, it is excavated. Result of the lengthy chase through Lower Austria and Germany: 3 tons of banned substances, 6 million units, 25 arrests. Austrians have served in big business (80 percent of the popular sports) as major backers. Two of them sit in jail

The vehicle

Consumers – Subdealer – Dealer – backers. In that order was gradually a threatening and profitable vehicle from the forbidden traffic can be drawn. “For 20 years, International Pharmaceuticals, has been highly successful in business. They were well camouflaged, the main perpetrators were celebrated in the bodybuilding field as superstars,” Andreas Holzer, chief drug fighter said in the Federal Criminal Office. Holzer’s men and the experts in Lower Austria, there were also translated by the covert investigation, the crucial steps, “seven years after the Germans had tried unsuccessfully to uncover the network”.

Two of the three masterminds of the doping hub and Austrians are now on remand: St. Thomas and Paul R.. The latter has with the German Pharmaceuticals specialist Lothar H. the scene-classic “The Black Book – Anabolic Steroids”, written in German speaking countries which was about 60,000 times to be related to the muscle man. It is a kind of manual for drug users, of whom there are studies from the USA and Germany in abundance – one in five power athletes takes to anabolic steroids and Co., which can cause side-and after-effects such as depression, liver damage and increased cancer risk. Investigators Holzer: “The picture that has emerged from our many surveys is staggering Also missing the wrongdoing..”

The celebrities

Explosive encouraged the questioning of a key figure revealed in this criminal case. According to research by the COURIER suspects the prominent Upper Austrian Manfred Fitness Manager Kiesling has a heavy burden – it is an important early role in the international drug network that played. In Kiesl Vita is the word doping not unknown. 1997 in the apartment of the ex-M annes the Olympic bronze medalists Theresia Kiesl (1996, 1500-meter run) had been confiscated doping substances in 2003 founded the Kiesl later convicted doping manager Stefan Matschiner a sports agency. Kiesling was the courier for Manfred to the allegations currently unavailable.
The sentence

The investigation began in 2009, led to the operation “Sledge Hammer” (four Austrians were due to large-scale drug trafficking was arrested over the Internet), led by undercover in the successful prosecution of the instigators of International Pharmaceuticals. The large warehouse has been excavated, the dealers threatened by the anti-doping law to go up to five years in prison but the business is. Because the manufacturer of the basic substances which are definitely not to take. They’re sitting in China or India. Shipping without ceasing. The demand will decide. By successes like the one against the powerful German-Austrian roundabout they can, however, may reduce a little.

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