>More info on Europes’s Operation Sledge Hammer.

>The Federal Criminal Police Office (BK) on Tuesday presented his review of the investigation in terms of doping in amateur sport. A Special Commission considered that since the end of 2009. Overall, in Austria and Germany – was also involved in the investigation, the German Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden – three tons of anabolic steroids guaranteed. In a large warehouse in Germany, investigators found nearly five million units. Also in Lower Austria flew on three large camps. 25 people have been researching are two of them still in detention

Three of the suspects are relevant for the oldest marketing laboratory “International Pharmaceuticals” (IP) to be responsible, reported Andreas Holzer, director of the office for drug control in BK on Tuesday.

Products from India and China

The laboratories, in which the prohibited drugs were produced, could not identify the investigators, however. The detectives suspect however that most of the preparations in Pakistan, India and China was established. “And under questionable sanitary conditions,” said an investigator. Further, laboratories in Eastern European countries. Doping investigators suspect that some are in Poland. The products were imported illegally, bypassing customs controls to Austria, available on the Internet (the suspects talked a homepage) and then from Austria to consumers abroad sent. Many customers were in the U.S..

In one of the suspects, according to Holzer is a “superstar” of the scene. He was particularly strong presence on the internet and was there under the name “Dr. Dental known. In addition, he co-wrote a book. This is a “type of instructions for the drug consumer,” Klaus Preining reported by state police in Lower Austria. The last year in a new edition published book has more than 1000 pages and is not less than 3000 photos illustrated. On relevant websites, it is praised as a standard work.

The drug trade is increasingly taken over by criminal organizations, Ernst Geiger, investigation manager said in the BK. “There is a high profit, but the risk is lower than in the drug trade,” Geiger said on Tuesday. The customers were mainly from the grassroots. “Here we locate a lack of awareness of wrongdoing,” said the criminologist.

The dangers of the funds were not to be underestimated: the consumers with a higher incidence of aggression and depression was observed, but also the emergence of various types of cancer. Punishment threatens consumers, however, as only the dealer this means is punishable by law.

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