>Operation SledgeHammer Europes the end of IP and other EU UG brands ?

>( My apoolgies for the machine translation I’m sure native German speakers will translate the info on the forums soon )

Since mid-2009 led investigators Federal Criminal Police Office and the Office of Criminal Investigation of Lower Austria intensive surveys in the area of crime by doping. This reached two Austrian criminal groups as managers of Websites and Internet platforms and the underground laboratories Doping substances, “International Pharmaceuticals”, targeting the

Zwtl. Operation “Sledgehammer”

“Extensive surveys have led to a four-member
Austrian criminal group are discovered and arrested
could. This category of offenders to the Austrian citizen Karl
G. is for the international trade in doping substances
relevant known web shops and Internet platforms responsible
made, “said Dr. Ernst Geiger, Head of Department

In the course of official action in three major deposits were
Lower Austria will be excavated, in which around 2,000 kilograms of anabolic steroids, Hormone preparations and stimulants were kept ready for sale.

The offenders drove the group of drugs seized
Austria from throughout the European region and in the USA,
where they are multiple Internet platforms (http://www.anabolika.com,
http://www.sledge-hammer.com, http://www.sledge-hammer.us and http://www.pharm-tec.com)
secret offices and warehouse operated. The value of seized
Substances is several hundred thousand euros.

The banned substances were from underground laboratories such as
“International Pharmaceuticals”, “Alpha-Pharma”, “Dutchlab” and
“Cebu-Pharma. The substances were tested in laboratories in Europe,
India, Pakistan and China, often under questionable hygienic
Conditions produced. Some were also in the final production
Poland and other Eastern European countries. The products were
illegally, bypassing customs controls to Austria
imported, offered on the Internet and then from Austria to
Consumers abroad sent.

Particularly in the case also seized numerous
Growth hormone was imported and sold in the cold chain
guaranteed. The health risk increased enormously.

Zwtl. Operation “International Pharmaceuticals”

Findings from the operation “Sledgehammer” led to further
Destruction of the famous and ancient underground laboratory in
Europe, “International Pharmaceuticals”.

Because of the seizures in determining cause “Sledge
Hammer “provided a reasonable suspicion that in Austria
another transnational criminal group operating with direct
Connection to the underground laboratory “International Pharmaceuticals”
could stop.

Doping investigators from the Federal and State Criminal Office
Lower Austria succeeded in cooperation with investigators
Germany, the leaders of the underground laboratories, “International
Pharmaceuticals in Austria and Germany arrest. It is the Austrian citizen Paul R. and Thomas St. and its German business partner Lothar H.

In Germany, the United camp of the underground laboratories
be “International Pharmaceuticals” lifted. Sample of more
5,000,000 as anabolic steroids, hormonal preparations and stimulants

Zwtl. “The Black Book – Anabolic Steroids”

The two main offenders are also confessed, behind the scene
known standard work “The Black Book – Anabolic steroids” to
or want to have it written with other people. When
“Black Book” is a kind of “instructions” for
Doping consumers in the anabolic steroids, hormones and stimulants
shown as described in their effectiveness and counterfeiting
are shown.

It is suspected that with the publication of the book and the
Sale of “International Pharmaceuticals” and other products
should be encouraged.

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