>UG Lab International Pharmaceuticals busted in Germany / Austria ( not the Chinese IP )

>Police arrested three Austrians and a German who allegedly ran a major European growth hormone business targeting amateur athletes, investigators said Tuesday in Vienna.

The men were arrested recently in the course of an ongoing police operation that has resulted in the seizure of 2 tons of various doping substances worth around 2 million euros (2.8 million dollars) since late 2009.

Three of the four are suspected of operating the underground laboratory International Pharmaceuticals.

In addition, investigators found International Pharmaceuticals’ large warehouse in the German state of Hesse that contained some 5 million doses of growth hormones and stimulants.

However, the laboratory’s production sites were not detected.

The substances were sold over the internet.

Two of the detained men admitted to authoring a handbook on how to grow muscles with the help of anabolic steroids.

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