>Positive mainstream news story on Testosterone replacement.

>Some people jokingly call it “manopause,” a guy’s version of menopause. Some doctors call it andropause, because of a decline in androgen, or testosterone. Others may claim it is just a “mid-life crisis.” However it is described, there is a medical solution for men that can make a difference.

49-year-old Patrick Stolle from Houston says there is nothing embarrassing about it. He is man enough to admit that guys should get help for typical signs of a declining testosterone level. Stolle says the term “manopause” does not bother him at all.

“No, it doesn’t. If that’s what they want to call it, that’s fine. I think men go through some sort of thing. Men lose some of our hormone levels, as well, so they start to drop off. If you can get on something that will bring your levels back up – that’s fantastic,” exclaims Stolle.

The Mayo Clinic says testosterone levels vary greatly among men, though in general, older men usually have lower testosterone levels than younger men. Doctors say males lose about one percent of their testosterone one year after the age of 30. That means by 70 years old, men may lose fifty percent of their testosterone.

What are the symptoms of “manopause?”

“Poor stamina, poor exercise tolerance, poor sleep pattern, poor response to exercise, loss of muscle mass, and increased body fat, things like that,” explains Dr. Richard LeConey. A lower libido is also often experienced during this time in life.

Dr. LeConey offers a simple blood test at his Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa in Houston, to check testosterone levels.

“Statistically you could say it (testosterone) declines in the late 50s to 60s, some men still have an excellent testosterone level late into their 70s,” says Dr. LeConey.

Stolle had his levels checked when he was only 40 to make sure he was staying as youthful as possible. He began taking HCG injections to prompt a boost in his testosterone.

“The first thing I noticed (after taking HCG), I was able to sleep better and feel more rested in the mornings, and I think I had more energy as well during the day. I think long-term, probably- I play sports – I had a little more stamina, more strength,” explains Stolle. He also noticed that his skin appeared more youthful.

Other patients at the Institute of Anti-Aging, like Mike Hoiden from Richmond, use a topical testosterone cream, every day.

“All you can tell if you don’t do it is you’re tired and lethargic. If you do it, you have all your energy,” says Hoiden. A little more than one year ago, Hoiden came to a crossroads in life.

“I felt like a slug, I weighed 360 pounds, couldn’t lose weight, couldn’t get off the floor when I knelt down. I had to do something,” says Hoiden, who discovered three things to get him back on track.

“You have to have your testosterone working, because when you’re my age, your testosterone is shot! Your metabolic system is gone, so you have to do the right exercise because if you hurt yourself, can’t do anything. You have to eat the right food, take in the right nutrition,” says Hoiden. Once he figured that out, Hoiden lost more than 100 pounds with the help of what he describes as a tripod: healthy eating, testosterone cream, and his trainer.

“Healthwise, he was in pretty rough shape. As you can imagine, being 360 pounds made just regularly daily living difficult”, says Dr. Brian Sekula from Becoming Indestructible. He helped get Hoiden moving again, slowly but surely.

“When you get everything balanced, it’s 180 degrees opposite – your health is almost perfect,” says Dr. Sekula.

After changing his lifestyle and losing 100 pounds, Hoiden says he feels like he is suddenly twenty years younger. “To put it bluntly, the personal life with my wife is phenomenally enhanced, I can do things, go places, and take care of my farm,” says Hoiden. He says he got his life back.

Stolle hopes others will learn they can benefit from a simple treatment, as well. “I think it’s a great thing if you can extend your youth more, feel better, sleep better, have more energy! For me it’s, “Why not,” says Stolle.

Doctors say it is important to make sure there is not an illness that could be prompting a low testosterone level, like sleep apnea or complications from being overweight. For anyone who suffers any of the symptoms mentioned earlier, it is important to consult with a doctor and not just attribute the symptoms to the aging process.

Testosterone cream is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and available only by prescription.

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