>UK’s BBC reports on International Pharmaceuticals bust in Germany / Austria.

>Customs investigators in Germany have seized a record haul of performance-enhancing drugs designed for illegal doping in sport, German media report.

Anabolic steroids were among the drugs worth millions of euros, found in a warehouse at Nidda-Wallernhausen, in the central German state of Hessen.

ARD television said the many ampoules and tablets had come from illegal labs in Europe, India, Pakistan and China.

Dozens of suspects were questioned in Germany and Austria.

One person is under arrest in Hessen, a spokesman for the state prosecutor’s office in Giessen said.

Viagra and hormone pills were among the two tonnes of drugs seized in Hessen, spokesman Jochen Fabrizius told the BBC.

The German trafficking ring had posted drugs internationally to customers who used mail-order websites, investigators say.

“The investigation is continuing. The drugs were targeted at bodybuilders,” Mr Fabrizius said, adding that the trade had probably been going on since 2007.

The Spiegel news website says there are suspicions that some top athletes were also ordering the drugs.

The raw chemicals for the drugs are believed to have come from labs in India which used cheap labour.

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