>Australian busted importing steroid powder and then a Chinese tablet press 3 months later.

>A North Albury man charged with importing prohibited goods including steroids and a pill press pleaded guilty yesterday to five offences.

Jeremy Zentveld-Smith appeared at Albury Local Court after customs officers raided his house on January 25.

Zentveld-Smith, 26, of Hodge Street has been reporting daily to police as part of bail conditions imposed by magistrate Gordon Lerve.

He faces three counts of intentionally importing prohibited goods and two of importing prohibited goods.

Solicitor Chris Halburd for Zentveld-Smith said facts to be presented for sentencing were to be agreed and he would argue a jail term was unlikely.

Magistrate Gordon Lerve adjourned sentencing until April 1.

Zentveld-Smith was first raided on October 19 after the arrival at Tullamarine of stanozolol, an anabolic and androgenic substance, by air cargo from China in February and again in August.

Officers found vials of anabolic and androgenic substances in liquid form, tablets, capsules.

He was raided again on January 25 after the arrival of a pill press in Sydney from Hong Kong.

He made full admissions about the press.

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