>Facebook steroid dealer busted.

>A 22-year-old Reading man whose Facebook page says he is “destined for greatness” was arraigned today on 11 charges for allegedly peddling steroids to college students from his Rutland apartment.

John N. Moses was released on $2,500 bail after being arraigned today in Western Worcester District Court in East Brookfield. Police said he was staying at an apartment at 176 Maple Ave. and selling the injectable performance-enhancing drugs to students at Worcester State University and Anna Maria College. He graduated from Anna Maria in 2010.

Police set up undercover buys and worked with U.S. postal inspectors during a three-month investigation to intercept shipments of the drugs Mr. Moses was allegedly mailing to a customer in Rutland. When Mr. Moses returned to town Monday in his white 1997 Corvette, allegedly to sell more of the steroids to a confidential police informant, officers arrested him and seized the sports car. Inside they found vials of Testosterone Enanthate, pills, white powder and cash, according to Detective Troy J. Chauvin’s report.

Mr. Moses’ Facebook page, which police used in their investigation, lists one of his activities as working out and includes the quote: “Take a look and you can tell im destined for greatness.” The page, which has more than 1,650 friends, indicates he once worked as a bouncer at a Worcester nightclub and includes quotes from World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler Randy Orton and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Police said their investigation is continuing. Detective Christopher Giglio, Officers John Foster and Thomas Downey, and Chief Donald A. Haapakoski assisted in the arrest.

Mr. Moses was placed on pretrial probation and is due back in court for a hearing March 29.

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