>Australian steroid user’s clever excuse fails in court.

>An Australian man has faced drug charges at court after being caught with Viagra and steroids. David Roy Mannion pleaded guilty at Gladstone Magistrates Court on Tuesday to possessing dangerous drugs and unlawful possession of restricted drugs.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Mick O’Rourke said Gladstone police executed a search warrant at a Tank Street address, Gladstone, about 1.30pm on Friday, January 28.

Sgt O’Rourke said police found a tablet, which was identified to be Viagra. He said they also found steroids in a drawer in the bedroom during the search. Sgt O’Rourke told the court Mannion said his friend was the owner of the steroids.

Mannion’s duty lawyer Brad Krebs, of Appleton Krebs Lawyers, said his client’s friend gave him the Viagra tablet as a joke.

Mr Krebs also said his client’s friend asked him to store the steroids so his wife would not find out he was using them. Magistrate Mark Morrow fined Mannion $500 and a conviction was recorded.

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