>Spanish Police launch anti-doping crackdown with Operation Contra.

>This day dawned with a new doping-related news. The Police had made seven arrests in connection with this operation connected with doping, especially at amateur level. As responsible for this security force explained, the operation result of the complaint arose from a professional cyclist who had received offers for banned substances via email.

Among the seven detained was former professional cyclist (he ran in the Kelme team, involved in various plots of doping) Jordi Riera, formed in the mountain bike and had returned to this discipline, as we mentioned a few days ago, within the team Tomas Bell, which opened last weekend at the BMW Open test Lladó, appointment could not finish with a mechanical problem.

As research has transpired, Riera allegedly supplied substances, it acquired by buying another of the accused, other athletes, including a 17-year-old who trained and now has come of age. Among consumers have athletes in sports such as cycling, running or swimming.

Of the seven arrested, five are now released with charges after declaring before the judge, while the other two are waiting to be summoned to testify.

As reports Europa Press, the records have been found anabolic steroids, growth hormone, stimulants and blood products (46 syringes of EPO), injectable Clenbuterol and other series of drugs in tablets or injections.

While the operation is a new example of policing on such networks, their presentation again to be somewhat sensationalist as evidenced by the fact that the only implied that it has remained anonymous is Jordi Riera. The rest involved (GB Michelangelo Gironella, BT Xavier de Barcelona, Sant Adrià MP Sheila Javier Gironella MC, Isidro and Ivan Cerdanyola CM Terrassa GB) only has transcended his name, initials and place of residence.

Then you have available the video provided by the Catalan police on this operation:

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