>Danbury celebrates it’s first ever steroids bust.

>A Danbury man from Pembroke Road is the first city person arrested as part of the regional steroid ring busted last month by the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Danbury Special Investigations Division.

Philip Braun, 30, of Pembroke Road, was charged at his home March 28 after being served by a warrant.

Police Spokesman Capt. Thomas Wendel said when police arrived at the home, they found Braun had 17 percocet pills, which led to the charge of possession of narcotics.

Police found four chemicals that led to three counts of possession of a controlled substance. The substances were testosterone, (a steroid hormone); deca-durabolin, (most common steroid); halotestin pills, (one of most powerful steroids); 100 proviron pills.

Braun was charged with possession of prescription legend drugs.

Braun was held on a $500,000 bond before he made the bond and was released. He is scheduled to appear for his arraignment in Danbury Superior Court Monday.

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