>New research claims fasting may prevent heart disease and raise HGH levels.

>Cardiologists with the Intermountain Medical Center say that fasting may help reduce the risk of coronary artery disease, or heart disease.

Researchers at the medical center’s Heart Institute studied 230 people who fasted for 24 hours, and doctors found the body’s biology reacted in multiple ways. Most notably, the amount of human growth hormone increased by up to 2000-percent.

“The body says, I’m not getting food. What do I do about it? The human growth hormone goes up and the fat cells start being burned as fuel,” said Dr. Benjamin Horne, Director of Cardiovascular and Genetic Epidemiology.

That means that those who routinely fast may have fewer fat cells, lowering insulin resistance, which leads to a lower risk of diabetes. Diabetes is one of the major and most potent risk factors for heart disease.

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