>British Facebook steroid dealer targetted by UK press.

>( The number of steroid dealers on Facebook is very high. I’m actually surprised this is the first case of it to appear in the mainstream press. Many of the dealers are even using their real names ).

Tony Laidler, a 36-year-old bodybuilder, nightclub doorman and Nissan car factory worker, tells potential customers that injecting drugs is not painful and advises them to use Google to check for side-effects.

Repeated postings from Laidler stating “Human growth hormone £150” and “Melantan 2 tanning injections £25” have appeared on the pages of his more than 770 Facebook friends.

Moat, also a bodybuilder and nightclub doorman, had used steroids for years and had a history of violence and paranoia.

He went on the rampage on Tyneside with a sawn-off shotgun last July, murdering one person and seriously injuring two others before eventually killing himself.

Laidler was a childhood friend of Moat and a pall-bearer at his funeral, and has since been a contributor to the “RIP Raoul Moat” Facebook page.

Laidler’s adverts, uncovered in a Sky News investigation, encourage people to contact him directly, but some potential customers have written on his Facebook wall.

Enquiring about Melantan 2, a common misspelling of the unlicensed tanning drug Melanotan II, one woman who runs a beauty salon asked Laidler: “Do they hurt?

“Where do u inject it into n would I need a licence for it in the salon? any side effects?” she wrote.

Laidler replied: “dont hurt, get your body to release its tanning agent, tans in 5 day last 3 months ish,” adding: “Google it, it’s on google”.

In reply to another enquiry from a man in County Durham, Laidler described the quantities on offer as: “Melantan 2 10mg per vil, hgh 100iu”.

Human growth hormone is measured in International Units, or IUs, of powder while Melanotan II is typically produced in 10mg vials.

Both drugs are mixed with water and injected by users.

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