>Scotland’s NHS opens new steroids clinic.

>A clinic is to be opened in Inverness offering help and advice to users of performance and image enhancing drugs.

NHS Highland said the steroids clinic would be the first of its kind outside of Glasgow.

It has been set up by the health board’s harm reduction service and will be held every Wednesday evening from 18 May.

NHS Highland said there was evidence that such a service was needed in the city and the surrounding area.

Clinical harm reduction nurse Linda Macleod said steroids users would be offered advice on exercise and nutrition.

A needle exchange scheme and blood tests to check liver function, cholesterol and hormone levels will also be available.

Ms Macleod said: “We are aware, as is the case throughout Scotland, that there is an identified group of people who use performance and image enhancing drugs.

“They don’t see themselves as drug users and for this reason they may not be keen to access services that are historically known as being for drug users, which is why we have set up this clinic.

“The clinic will be run out with normal hours, hopefully making it easier for them to attend – bearing in mind that this client group will mostly be working and will not find it easy to get away during the day.”

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