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Taylor Hooton Foundation spokesman claims fastest fastest growing group of anabolic steroid users are cheerleaders ( no pun intended )12

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More Anti-steroid propaganda from Australia.

Security guard Darren Sweeney once gave into the temptation of using steroids to help gain more muscle tone.

‘‘I was on a diet and managed to lose 43kilograms but I was still a bit flabby around my stomach. I wanted something to help tighten up a bit so I tried steroids for about four months,’’ he said.

The then 23-year-old gained 10 kilograms of muscle within two months but it came at a price.

‘‘I had constant muscle pain in my forearms and was more aggressive,’’ Mr Sweeney said.

Now 38, Mr Sweeney agreed steroid use had significantly increased among young men wanting to bulk up quickly.

‘‘I’ve seen kids as young as 15 [using steroids],’’ he said.

‘‘Basically they are just wanting to look good in front of their mates and girls.’’

The most visible sign is severe acne on the back and tricep muscles. Mr Sweeney, who now uses herbal supplements, said steroids were widely available ‘‘if you know the right people’’.

‘‘For something like Sustanon 250, I’ve heard you can pay between $180 to $200 for a 10millilitre ampoule,’’ he said.

‘‘The real worry is these kids don’t know what they are doing to themselves.’’

>Anti-steroid propaganda from Australia.

>Steroid abuse is on the increase again.

Popular some years ago, anabolic steroids fell into disfavour as their side-effects became apparent and “roid-heads” became objects of ridicule.

Sadly, a new generation – one perhaps not yet fully exposed to the downside of steroids – is being seduced by the false promise of a shortcut to a perfect body.

In their own time these youngsters will discover the truth – that a steroid-inflated body is about as convincing and impressive as a fake tan and that the personal cost of abuse can be horrendous.

Even if the purity of black market steroids could be guaranteed (it can’t), abusers run the risk of detrimental impacts on their personalities and behaviour. “Roid rage” is just the tip of an iceberg of psychological symptoms that produce the opposite of the self-esteem and self-assurance that many abusers are seeking.

The physical symptoms are potentially dreadful too. Bodies out of proportion, unwelcome “man boobs”, shrunken genitals and acne explosions are just the beginning. Internal damage is prevalent and can be irreversible.

To the extent that steroid abuse reflects anxiety among young men about their body image, it represents a growing problem that demands serious attention. Like eating disorders in both young men and women, the problem is a symptom of an increasingly prevalent mental health issue.

Hospital admissions and many social studies indicate that growing numbers of young people are so anxious and depressed about their apparent failure to conform to the socially approved body image that they will endanger their physical health in an attempt to attain their perceived “ideal”.

It is hard to isolate a single cause for this trend, but poor diet, coupled with widespread obesity and, ironically, publicity campaigns designed to combat obesity are involved in the mix. The promotion in the entertainment media of a narrow range of body types as “ideal” has frequently been blamed for inducing body image anxiety in females. Nowadays it might just as fairly be blamed for producing the same effects in males.

Police officer suspect in drug sting.

A Stockton police officer was arrested in a sting Thursday night on suspicion of trafficking steroids, the Police Department reported Friday.

The officer, 26-year-old Darrin Fagundes, was arrested around 9:10 p.m. in a Tracy parking lot, along with Anthony Scott Kubena, 38.

Both were booked into the San Joaquin County Jail on suspicion of possession for sale of a controlled substance, a felony.

The investigation of Fagundes was an internal investigation by the Stockton Police Department, said Officer Pete Smith, a police spokesman.

Fagundes, hired in 2007, has been placed on administrative leave.

Smith said there is no evidence that the investigation, still ongoing, will reach further into the Police Department’s ranks. Smith also said he did not know exactly what Kubena’s part was.

“He was involved in the transaction (Thursday) taking place during the arrest,” Smith said.

Former Boca Raton cop pleads guilty to selling steroids and HGH.

A fired Boca Raton cop on Friday pleaded guilty to 15 charges for illegally peddling steroids and human growth hormones.

Anthony Forgione, 46, faces a maximum 115 years in prison and a $5.7 million fine when sentenced on March 25. He agreed to cooperate with ongoing investigations in hopes of reducing his sentence.

Forgione, who was fired in 2003 under suspicions of steroid use, pleaded guilty in 2008 to similar charges as part of a wide-ranging investigation in New York state dubbed Operation Which Doctor that snared other Palm Beach County residents.

Hayward man pleads guilty to steroids possession.

A 32-year-old Hayward man pleaded guilty in federal court in Madison on Thursday to charges of possessing anabolic steroids with the intent to distribute.

Michael Wozny could get 10 years in prison without parole when he is sentenced March 17 by U.S. District Judge William Conley.

According to a press release from the Department of Justice, the Wozny case started in late 2006, when a Minnesota man was arrested for dealing steroids. That individual said he purchased the performance-enhancing drugs from another man in Minnesota, who said he got the drugs from Wozny.

The case against Wozny grew stronger when John Zellers, known as the Label Doktor, was convicted in New Jersey of causing the introduction of anabolic steroids into interstate commerce by providing high-quality labels for bottles of the unapproved drugs.

Investigators found Zellers provided Wozny with labels in 2007, with the smallest of three or four orders containing enough labels for 630 bottles of anabolic steroids.

When police issued a search warrant at Wozny’s residence in Hayward in 2007, about 1 kilogram of powdered anabolic steroids was found, the release said.

Viagra inhibits muscle breakdown ?

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a progressively debilitating, muscle-wasting disease.

But a new study is exploring whether a popular pill can help slow the damage.

Muscular Dystrophy leads to progressive weakness of muscles, including breathing and heart muscles. A doctor in Baltimore is heading up a study on whether Viagra could help. The drug inhibits muscle breakdown, which could help improve the heart’s “squeeze.”

Neurologist, Kathryn Wagner, M.D., Ph.D. says, “The actual drug does work on the heart and there’s a lot of data that suggests that not only does it improve heart function, but it actually may remodel the heart, so that you, you get a better heart. If it had the additional benefit of having some improvement in their skeletal muscle, then it’s a homerun.”