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Massive steroids bust in Spain.

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>Three British nationals arrested in Spain for steroids.

>Spanish online steroid source busted.

>Huge Spanish steroids and HGH lab busted ( raids in four EU countries at nineteen addresses )

>Police have busted what is thought to be the largest international medicine trafficking ring, seizing 700,000 doses of anabolic steroids, growth hormones and other unlawful medicines, and arresting 26 people, inlcuding the manager of a cycling club.

Amongst the drugs kidnapped in the 19 separate property searches carried out today were hundreds of thousands of well-known brands of tablets for erectile dysfunction, greater than 10,000 ampoules of growth hormones, anabolic steroids and other doping substances, with a street value of some 3.5 million euros.

The trafficking ring, with outlets in Alicante, Málaga and Madrid, used suppliers in China, India and Turkey, with intermediaries and storage facilities in the UK, Germany and Hungary so as not to arouse suspicion.

The police operation also found out a laboratory in a lock-up in Elche (Aicante), where a growth hormone bought in bulk from China was manufactured and packaged to be sold on the internet.

One of those arrested is the manager of a cycling club in the Comunidad de Madrid, who was caught allegedly taking delivery of a substantial quantity of EPO, a glycoprotein hormone that controls erythropoiesis, or red blood cell production.

The operation began back in July last year when police picked up on a company in the Comunidad Valenciana that was importing and selling huge consignments of unlawful medicines and transferring large sums of money to Chinese banks.

Small steroids bust in Alicante, Spain.

Three people have been arrested in connection with the sale of “bodybuilding” stimulants at a local gym. National Police Agents arrested the three Spanish defendants, aged 24, 29 and 39 years, at a gym in Elche, after it was reported that they were selling anabolic steroids, which had been purchased via the internet, to fellow members.

During a raid on the establishment concerned, Police confiscated 24 boxes and 39 packets of the illegal drugs in a sports holdall, belonging to one of the accused, who was arrested immediately.

The arrest led to the detention of his two accomplices later that day, one of which was his brother and the other a member of the gym who had been responsible for purchasing the drugs.

A further raid on the culprits properties led to the recovery of 815 pills and 74 packets of steroids, alongside of 1.171 euros, tools used to manipulate the substances and the names and telephone numbers of supposed “regular” customers.

Major steroid crackdown in Spain and Portugal – 39 addresses raided !

Eleven people were arrested at several places in Spain in an operation to bust an international network that illegally distributed anabolic steroids at gyms.

The operation was launched last March, the Catalonia regional police said Monday.

The Civil Guard, which took part in the investigation, said that the network had smuggled into Spain more than two tons of doping substances over the past 14 months.

In the raids conducted in several Spanish and Portuguese towns, law enforcement agents seized 15,000 doses of steroids – some of them packaged and labeled in Russian and Arabic – the use of which is prohibited without proper medical monitoring since the substances can have serious consequences including liver tumors, fluid retention and high blood pressure.

Among the medications seized were some that had been counterfeited.

In the raids on 39 homes, nutrition complement businesses, gymnasiums and warehouses in Barcelona, the southern Spanish cities of Cadiz and Malaga and several Portuguese towns, authorities also found packaging and instructions brochures prepared to be included with the steroids when they were sold on the black market.

The operation is still under way, since authorities are reviewing the seized documentation, and they are not ruling out more arrests, police said.

Story from the Latin American Herald Tribune.

Autonomous Police and the Guardia Urbana and has resulted in eleven detainees, five in Cadiz, five in Catalonia (in Martorell , Penedes, Badalona, Begues and Castelldefels) and one in Malaga Catalan police involved in closing down gang selling anabolic steroids throughout Spain.

The Catalan Police and Civil Guard have arrested eleven people in various parts of Spain in a joint operation that culminated in the dismantling of an international network of illegal distribution of steroids in gyms.

The operation began last March when parallel investigations crossed paths of the Autonomous Police and the Guardia Urbana and has resulted in eleven detainees, five in Cadiz, five in Catalonia (in Martorell , Penedes, Badalona, Begues and Castelldefels) and one in Malaga.

In searches performed in several Spanish and Portuguese towns, officials have found 15,000 doses of anabolic steroids, some packaged and labelled in Russian and Arabic, “whose use is prohibited without proper medical supervision, since it can cause serious consequences for health, such as liver tumours, fluid retention and hypertension. Among the drugs seized some have been found to be fake, its actual composition does not match what’s listed on their labels, with further enhances the risks of people consuming them.

Story from the Barcelona Reporter.

We are of course assuming this is related to Sweden’s Operation Liquid from late last year.

Hopefully further information and pictures will be released this week.