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Busted Thai website was

British steroid website operator arrested in Pattaya, Thailand.

Australian steroid smuggler escapes jail term.

“A bodybuilder caught with enough illegally imported steroids to last 34 years probably would have died if he had gone through with his plan to chew through the stash in just two years, a court has been told.

Jonny Mellas, 35, of Labrador yesterday escaped jail time for importing 15,400 anabolic steroid tablets from Thailand after the judge accepted they were for personal use.

His sentence of 18 months in jail with immediate release came after the prosecution tendered a report by a sports science doctor saying that number of pills would last a heavy bodybuilder 17 years and a cosmetic user up to 34 years.

The District Court in Brisbane was also told the tablets, posted to Mellas’s address and intercepted by Customs in October last year, could not usefully be kept for years as their potency decreased over time.

Commonwealth prosecutor Lisa McConnell asked Chief Judge Patsy Wolfe to sentence Mellas to a short stint in actual custody to deter him and others from importing such significant quantities of steroids.

She also said although Mellas was not charged with trafficking, there was a commercial potential simply because of the sheer number of tablets imported.

Defence solicitor Bill Potts said Mellas had a long history of abusing steroids and had been planning to use all the tablets himself by taking 25 a day as part of his bodybuilding lifestyle that seemed to be ‘tied up with feelings of inadequacy regarding his relationship with his father’.

He said Mellas had been ‘abusing himself to death’ and suffered a number of severe health problems such as shrunken testes but had now given up his addiction and his wife was expecting a baby next year.

Judge Wolfe said Mellas was lucky to have been caught. “You were so addicted that you … were going to take 20 to 30 tablets a day. You would be dead now,” she said. Mellas was also fined $5000.”

Japenese study claims 55% of ED drugs sold online are counterfeit.

“Three ED drugs are currently sold in Japan: Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. In the study — conducted from December 2008 to April 2009 by four pharmaceutical companies, including giants Pfizer and Bayer — a package of each brand was ordered from some 60 Japanese language Internet sites in Japan and Thailand offering to act as personal import agents. The imported pills were then analyzed for content and their authenticity.

The study found that out of the 184 drug orders, 102 — or 55 percent — were fake. Drugs ordered from sites located in Japan were 44 percent counterfeit, while 68 percent from Thailand came up fakes. Some of the counterfeits contained twice the proper amount of the active pharmaceutical ingredient and others had none at all, while several impurities were also detected.

There have been reports in other countries of fake ED drugs causing damage to people’s health. In one 2008 case in Singapore, one counterfeit drug was found to contain medication for bringing down blood sugar, causing victims to become lethargic and resulting in at least two deaths. In Thailand, one Japanese citizen has been connected to the sale of the fake medication.

That so many people buy fake ED drugs over the Internet may be because “it’s a hard condition to talk about,” says Dr. Ken Marumo, an urologist at Tokyo Dental College Ichikawa General Hospital, who participated in the study.”

Canadian customs find Cypionax in jars of curry powder during Operation Pangea II.

“Canadians who buy prescription drugs and health supplements from online pharmacies may think they’re saving money, but they’re probably not getting what they paid for.

On Thursday, law-enforcement officials displayed bins overflowing with parcels intercepted at the International Mail Centre in Vancouver that were destined for addresses across the country.

The packages contained tens of thousands of pills, vials of steroids and various health remedies, most of them likely bogus and all illegally imported into the country.

“Internationally we’re seeing an increase in websites and e-mail advertisements claiming to offer cheap, legitimate and legal products. Frankly, these claims are almost entirely false,” said Sgt. Duncan Pound of the RCMP’s Border Integrity unit.

Some people may believe they are ordering prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies, but the websites are designed to look Canadian when they are actually set up overseas by international criminal organizations, Pound said.

For example, one box intercepted this week by Canada Border Services Agency officers contained more than 5,000 foil packages of blue pills labelled as Viagra.

The pills look like the drug prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction and they still have to be tested by Health Canada, but officers have little doubt they’re fakes.

One parcel that arrived at the mail centre from Thailand on Thursday caught the attention of border services officer Mark Yee. It was supposed to contain a jar of curry powder; Yee was suspicious. He slid the parcel into an X-ray machine to take a closer look. The jar of curry powder was visible, but there was something else inside. Yee sliced open the parcel, removed the sealed jar, poured out the pungent yellow powder and exposed a tightly wrapped package hidden in the curry. It was five ampoules labelled as anabolic steroids. “It’s a fairly regular bust,” he said. The parcel will not be delivered.

Pound said it’s tough to track down the criminals who set up bogus online pharmacies so the best way to stop them is to educate Canadians about the dangers of ordering drugs over the Internet, not to mention the waste of money.”

Bayer vs Schering ( Thai versions ) pics.

Here’s a picture of the new Bayer versions of Testoviron Depot and Provironum and the old Schering Thailand versions that they have recently replaced.

The current Bayer version of Testoviron Depot is still made in Germany.

The Bayer Provironum is now made in Brazil.

Each box of the Bayer Provionum contains five blister packs of ten tabs instead of the fifteen foil strips used in the old Schering version.

The typical price per tab for the new version is a little higher at Thai pharmacy level. The new Bayer box features a perforated flap for easy opening ( yet another piece of equipment anyone attempting a counterfeit will need to buy )

Here’s a picture of the versions of Proviron / Provironum I’ve collected over the years.

( Thai Bayer, Thai Schering, UK Schering, Greek Schering and Brazilian Schering )

The new Bayer Testoviron Depot still ships to Thai pharmacies in shrink wrapped packs of five boxes. Price per box of twenty ampules is unchanged.

The new Bayer Testoviron Depot box still holds two layers of ten ampules, twenty in total.

The Bayer Testoviron Depot ampules are very clean and shiny. The expiration date is five years after that of production.

Label is perfectly straight as is the green ring around the top of each ampule. ( the red specs are part of the snack I was eating while taking the pics ) .

The neck of each amp is scored directly under the blue dot as a result they are very easy to open.

According to my measurements the old Schering version was overfilled and contained 1.2 ml of oil per ampule I will be measuring the contents of the new Bayer version as soon as I try one.

For fun I weighed some ampules of both the new and old versions of Testoviron Depot, the older Schering’s average weight was 2.705 g and the new Bayer’s average weight was 2.880 g.

Weird weapon smuggling case ( Bangkok to Australia by post)

Ok I admit this is a little off topic but the idea of guys going on holiday to Thailand and mailing illegal stuff home is a common one amongst AS users.

In this case it looks like the guy spent around six months in Thailand during which he mailed several packages of weapons to his own home. After the first was seized he continued to mail further packages and some of those were also seized. On his return to Australia he was arrested because of the seized packages and found to have even more weapons in his luggage.